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We love working with the stones and creating pieces that we know will benefit those who wear them.

Our aim with our creation of jewelry is not only to touch people with a sense of beauty but to bring awareness to the wearer. We have extensively researched the stones we use and have added our own experience to our wisdom about them, and we have discovered that each stone has a story to tell and a subtle energy to generate in the lives of those who use them.

If one is sensitive to the stone and the energy it holds, each stone will offer a healing and mood-enhancing benefit that can enrich the life of each individual who wears it.

"One of the most powerful and enriching ways to move through areas of challenge and open the way to the life you wish for is to use the healing powers of gemstones. Each person has a highly individual birth chart corresponding to conditions in the heavens at the exact moment of your birth. There is also a specific set of gemstones that is related to your birth chart. It’s worth getting to know these stones and how they can be made to work for you.