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Astrology Services


Self learning is the best learning, and that’s how things went in my life. The changes which happened in my family resulted in ups and downs, for which I approached several astrologers. What they said never reaped fruits to me. This arose few questions like – Is Astrology true? Will the wise words of the great sages turn wrong? Hence to find answers I set out on myself. As a resultant I got the Wisdom of Astrology. I realized Astrology is Divine Truth and I started to learn zealously. I applied the principles of Astrology on my life and succeeded in it. Later I started to give advice and counseling to my near and dear ones, when it started to give fruitful results I realized the greatness and truthfulness of astrology. I wanted also others to get the benefits of astrology and hence I endeavored to make Astrology as my profession. Today by Gods grace and his blessings I am leading a successful profession in Astrology.

  • Astrology is the science of locating the positions of planets using one’s time of birth, date, place of birth. Jyothidam – Jyothi means light, this denotes the light of a person’s soul. How climate is a mixture of darkness and light, same way a man’s life involves both sins and good deeds.

  • When both Soul and Body unites he is known as man. When both separate from each other there is no place for him in this world. In astrology, Rasi denotes one’s body. Laknam denotes one’s soul. Rasi predicts what one shall encounter during a certain period of time and Lagna predicts what shall be one’s destiny and fate.

  • Astrology’s predictions and analysis are based on Astro-Matrix. This ends in the first cell called Laknasthanam cell . between this lies Kudumbasthanam, Vettristhanam, Sugasthanam, Purvapuniyasthanam, Rogasthanam, Bhagyasthanam, kanavan-manaivi sthanam, Aayulsthanam, thozhilsthanam, laabasthanam.

NUMEROLOGY : Numerology is calculated based on ones date, month and year of birth. The characteristics of the numbers show the characteristics of an individual. Each and every number denotes the characteristics of various planets. Victory and happiness is assured when ones name is based on the number of the planet which was on place of ones birth date. PALMISTRY: Palmistry is the diagrammatic representation of ones life. Every Rekai present in ones palm are the indicators of various events in ones life. These indicators point the good and bad things which shall occur in ones life. When these indicators are properly analyzed and by Gods blessings taking precautionary measures, one can reduce the impact of the misfortunes. This is done by making calculation with Aayul rekai as centre and with other rekais and kurals.

QUERIES: Can we bring our life in our control, atleast to some extent? Yes, by using Tantric Yoga Muthras. How to turn our home into a paradise and make life prosperous? By removing the hurdles present in Vaasthu. How to increase the presence of good energy in ones house? By making use of crystals. To have a peaceful mind? Mantras. How to get relieved from Nav Graha Thoshams? Kolaru pathikam. How to solve the confusions arising in ones mind? Astro-counselling will be of greater use.

VAASTHU: Vaasthu means a methodology which describes how ones house needs to be constructed. Vaasthu sastra helps to increase the penetration of sun light and wind circulation. Based on Pancha Bhoodams positions it describes, in a house in which place and in which direction a construction needs to be done. In a house construction when everything falls in place based on the Pacha Bhoodams, happiness, diviness, prosperity, wealth, peace shall always be present.

For Your Future prediction please kindly give your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth if,you wish you can fill up your horoscope chart (Astrology Chart).